Whether you are replacing a system from the 1950's or installing for new construction we are there for you.

This cottage had a 1950's steel system converted to a modern system.
After a 3 day install and 3 weeks of consistent watering the yard came back great.

We pride ourselves on our satisfied loyal customers. We look forward to serving you and your family!


"For 15 years we struggled with moving hoses and sprinklers when the old system my parents had from the '50's quit working. We couldn't keep up with watering and the water bill was just too much. After CT Sprinkler put our system in the grass came back within just a couple weeks."

Bays Family

"Great customer service!

My mom had her sprinkler system installed and she is very happy!"

Sunny Carr

"Just two months after moving into our new house we had a new sprinkler system, fence and sod. Even though there were many rocks and boulders from the house construction back fill our sprinklers were done in just 4 days. That let us move on to the rest of our yard project. Thank you CT Sprinkler!"

Rob & Chelsea

Night and day, they completely turned our lawn around. What was 5 acres of dead and dry is now beautiful green grass! Such a huge undertaking and they did it in one weekend—unbelievable! What an amazing crew you have! Thank you CT Sprinkler, we love our lawn now!